We need your voice in Concord!

On Friday, December 13th, the Joint Fiscal Committee will be meeting at 10:00 AM in the Legislative Office Building Rooms 210-211. This is their first meeting since the Democrats voted in a party-line vote against accepting $46 Million in Federal Grants for New Hampshire Charter Schools, and we need as many supporters of Charter Schools to show up in Concord!

Here are the facts:

Democrats are withholding $46 Million in Federal Grants for New Hampshire Public Charter Schools
Democrats fundamentally do not view charter schools as public schools.

The $46 Million Federal Grant to New Hampshire was the largest grant given to any state from the Federal Government for Charter States, and Governor Sununu and Commissioner Edelblut lobbied the Federal Government for these dollars. Democrats are simply playing partisan games with New Hampshire students and families.

This grant was specifically targeted to help at-risk children and those with learning disabilities.

Additionally, Democrat Rep. Tamara Le will be back on the House Education Committee in February after saying “F— Private and Religious Schools”. In February, the House Education Committee will start executive session on new bills, so her voice will be instrumental in the House developing educational policy in 2020. This shows how little Democrats truly care for educational excellence, performance, and choice.

Please forward this to your county and city committee membership to help get out the word!

Joe Sweeney
NHGOP Communications Director